Lang Ranch & Woodridge Moderate Hike – Lang Ranch Loop

Lang Ranch & Woodridge Moderate Hike – Lang Ranch Loop

Moderate four and a quarter mile loop with an elevation gain/loss of about 750 ft. This hike has some very nice views of Simi Valley and the Lang Ranch Open Space.

How to get there: From Avenida de los Arboles, take Westlake Bl. south to Lang Ranch Parkway. Turn left and go 0.8 mi. The trailhead is on right, just before Lang Ranch Parkway makes a sharp left turn.

Map of This Hike

Detailed Hike Description & Photos:

The trailhead is marked by a “Conejo Open Space” sign. Starting down the trail, Chumash Interpretive Center property is to the right, and Lang Ranch Open Space is ahead.
Just moments from the trailhead, the trail passes through one of the few shady areas of the hike. Most of this route, however, is in the direct sunlight.
After 8 or 10 minutes, turn onto the trail that splits off to the left.
The majority of the elevation gain is in this next mile . . .
. . . but it is worth the energy for anyone who enjoys scenic views. This photo is looking back toward the west.
Walking east along the ridge, the trail is fairly level.
This is looking off to the northwest, at another trail which our trail will soon intersect.
After the intersection and a sharp right turn, there is a gradual ascent for almost a half mile. To the north, there are views of the Wood Ranch area with Simi Valley beyond.
This is from the high-point of this hike, looking back down the trail just traveled.
Now, the easy part… Downhill!!!
And great scenery too!
There is a short section of trail through an oak grove at a (usually dry) stream crossing. This is welcome relief on a hot day, and it is in sharp contrast to the dry environment we’ve seen on most of our route.
When the trail intersects the utility road (Albertson Motorway), turn right . . .
. . . and continue down the hill.
The route soon turns onto a “single-track” trail (bypassing a private section of Albertson Motorway). Briefly, we are again walking in the shade of some beautiful oak trees.
The trail climbs briefly before descending to rejoin the utility road.
Seeing the homes ahead signals that the end of the hike is near.