Wildwood Park Moderate Hike – Santa Rosa & Lower Butte Loop

Wildwood Park Moderate Hike – Santa Rosa Trail, Lower Butte Trail Loop

Moderate six mile round trip, with a total elevation gain/loss of about 900 ft. From the parking lot, take Mesa trail about a quarter mile west, turn right on Santa Rosa Trail, and continue to the ridge that overlooks both the Conejo and Santa Rosa Valleys. Continue east on Santa Rosa Trail, then south and west on Lower Butte Trail to Wildwood Ave. After a short walk along the sidewalk, a connector trail leads back to Santa Rosa Trail for the return.

How to get there: Drive to the west end of Avenida de Los Arboles. Park in the lot at Arboles & Big Sky.

Map of This Hike

Detailed Hike Description & Photos

From the trailhead at the parking lot, Mount Clef Ridge is seen to the right. If you look closely at the hillside, you may see parts of the Santa Rosa Trail as it winds back and forth on its way to the top.
This hike begins by heading west toward the Wildwood Mesa, then north on Santa Rosa Trail.
The ascent is on the south facing side of the hill. This well maintained switchback trail offers close-up views of the geological features of the surrounding rugged terrain. Prickly pear and cholla cacti are prevalent, and in the springtime many species of wildflowers abound.
Nearing the summit, this is looking back down the trail, with Wildwood Mesa and Wildwood Canyon below.
At the top, the Santa Rosa Valley comes into view.
As the trail crosses over to the north side of the ridge, it turns east. There are some up and down sections, but it’s mostly a gentle downhill angle.
The Santa Rosa Valley is below, and some of the upper Wildwood homes can be seen on the hill above. This stretch of trail has several brief rocky areas, but it is not difficult. Immediately after a heavy winter rain, there are a few spots that can be a bit muddy.
At the east end of this loop, just after a short rocky uphill section, Santa Rosa Trail meets Lower Butte Trail.
As Lower Butte Trail loops around toward the west, it runs through an area of low brush and lots of volcanic rock. The Wildwood neighborhood is seen below.
This part of the trail terminates at Wildwood Avenue. There’s about a 5 minute walk on the sidewalk . . .
. . . to the connector trail that leads back to Santa Rosa Trail.
Headed west on Santa Rosa Trail, the gentle uphill slope leads back to the summit.
Then, back down the switchbacks toward Wildwood Mesa and the end of the hike.