Los Robles Easy Hike – Oak Creek Canyon Loop

Easy one mile round trip, with a total elevation gain/loss of about 200 ft. This hike includes two sections of trail and a short walk along Greenmeadow to complete the loop. The eastern portion is a well maintained dirt trail, with short up and down sections through the chaparral. The western portion is a “whole access” trail (handicapped accessible) through a beautiful oak grove, with a path appropriate for wheelchairs and strollers. There are also informational signs in Braille, and a guide cable for the blind.

How to get there: From the 101 freeway, drive to the south end of Moorpark Rd, turn right on Greenmeadow Ave., and it’s a half mile to the parking lot.

Map of This Hike

Detailed Hike Description & Photos:
This hike starts on the western section of Oak Creek Canyon Loop Trail. The trailhead is adjacent to the parking area, and it’s well identified by a big “Los Robles Trail” sign.
You will find a toilet, a drinking fountain, and an informational kiosk at the beginning of the trail.
This well cleared, level, “whole access” section of trail winds through a beautiful oak grove. It is suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, as well as hikers of all ages.
There are informational signs in both English and Braille.
There is also a guide cable for the blind, and a rail fence to separate
hikers from those riding bicycles or horses.
A couple of picnic tables in the shade of the oak trees provide welcome sites to sit and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.
A little less than half a mile into the walk, we leave the oak grove and the “whole access trail”. Although the trail is still well maintained, it is no longer
suitable for wheelchairs or strollers. Within a short distance, the trail splits, and a sign points the way. To the right is Los Robles Trail, but we will turn left to continue the Oak Creek Canyon Loop.
Now on the eastern portion of the Oak Creek Canyon Loop, we find a trail
with short up and down sections, leading through the chaparral. This
part of our hike is quite different from the “whole access trail” that
we just left, but it’s equally enjoyable.
Along the way, there is a bench in the shade of an oak tree… a nice spot to stop and enjoy the surroundings.
The trail ends at Greenmeadow Ave. To complete the hike, turn left at
the street, and walk a short distance back to the parking area.
This is the end of the hike, but if you’re not quite ready to leave this peaceful setting, near the parking area you will find a grassy area and picnic tables in the shade of some great old oaks, where you can linger.
Note:The above hike is just as enjoyable when done in the opposite
direction, starting with a hike through the chaparral (mostly
sunny), and returning through the oak grove (mostly shade).
To do the sunny part first, begin by walking back a short distance (east) on Greenmeadow Ave. You will find the trailhead on the right,
where Greenmeadow splits around the large oak tree in the middle
of the street.