Conejo Valley Open Space Areas

Approximately one third of the area of Thousand Oaks, in California’s Conejo Valley, has been designated as permanent open space. This provides room for native plants and animals to thrive, and vast areas for open space enthusiasts to enjoy. We have over 170 miles of trails, the vast majority of which are open to all non-motorized users.

Overview Map Click on the insets to get to details about these open space areas, including trail maps and suggested hike routes. (Download the overview map as a PDF.)

Dos Vientos Open Space Trails The City of Thousand Oaks acquired the Dos Vientos open space through the Dos Vientos Ranch housing development approval process in the late 1990’s. The development is surrounded by open space containing trails that have many access points in the neighborhoods.

The Conejo Canyons Open Space (aka “Western Plateau”) is a visually spectacular area that is rich with natural resources and several miles of multi-purpose trails. Located in the northwest portion of the City, this 1430 acre area was recognized as a community treasure in the 1970s and preserved as permanent open space after a 40-year effort by local residents and government agencies.

Lang Ranch / Woodbridge Open Space Trails Located in the north-east corner of Thousand oaks, ridgetop trails provide great views north to Simi Valley and south-west to Thousand Oaks, and beyond. The less steep trails between the two ridges are better for more casual outings.

Los Robles Trail System The main Los Robles Trail runs high in the hills south of Thousand Oaks from Hampshire Rd west almost all the way to Wendy Dr. A number of feeder trails provide access from neighborhood points.

North Ranch Trails There are three major trail systems in the North Ranch area – two are up to and atop high ridges and so provide great views and a good workout. The westernmost has little elevation change and runs by the Conejo Creeks North and South parks. COSCA has not yet published a map of this area so we’re using one from our friends at

Wildwood Park and Trails Wildwood is our most popular park and therefore the most crowded. People are drawn to see Paradise Falls and the rugged volcanic terrain. Please be respectful of the neighbors when parking, especially if the lot is full!

Other Open Space Trails There are a number of popular trails in open spaces that are outside of the above five areas.