Open Space Speaker Series

We invite you to enjoy our selected guest speaker series – Free to the public!

Join the fun and enhance your knowledge of our Open Spaces, learn amazing facts about our local wildlife, regional geology, and our human connections to the land. You are sure to come away with a new appreciation of our region’s natural wonders!

All speaker events are held at the Grant R. Brimhall Library, 1401 E. Janss Road, Thousand Oaks. COSF plans to offer four talks in the 2020 Speaker Series. Doors open at 6:00 pm for check-in and the talk begins at 6:30, unless otherwise specified. Come early to enjoy refreshments and to talk to our local community partners!

To ensure your place in the audience, you must fill out our online sign-up form for this event!

An enthusiastic audience loved Harry Medved’s talk - On Thursday night, we had a full house for Harry Medved's talk on movie filming in the Conejo Valley! Harry talked about dozens of movies that had been filmed in Thousand Oaks when it mostly consisted of ranchlands. Western movies,… (read more...)
SOLD OUT! – First speaker for the 2020 season on Feb 27th – Harry Medved: “CINEMA CONEJO: The Critical Role of Location Filming of Movies & TV in Our Community” - Even though there is no charge for this event, we have reached the capacity of the room so we are marking it as "Sold Out." Join us for the kick-off to the COSF Speaker Series for 2020! In the early… (read more...)
Photos from the 2019 Speaker Series - Here is a collection of photos from the 2019 speakers Seth Riley, Derek Field and Aly Covington. (read more...)
2019, Oct 17 – Aly Covington: “The 6 Dimensions of the Open Space” - On October 17 at the Grant R. Brimhall Library in Thousand Oaks, Aly talked about ways to enjoy the open space to include Physical, Intellectual (mental), Emotional, Connectional, Environmental and Spiritual. All elements help to improve your overall health. Below… (read more...)
2019, Aug 15 – Derek Field: “The formation of the Conejo Valley and its earthquake risk” - Derek has recently been focusing his career on offering interpretive hikes and talks to the general public on local geologic origins and features. His presentation includes some surprising information on the formation of familiar landmarks in the Conejo Valley and… (read more...)
2019, June 27 – Seth Riley: “Living together with mountain lions and other wildlife” - Seth is a Wildlife Ecologist with the National Park Service at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. He talks about the local mountain lion populations, threats to their survival and ways we can both coexist with mountain lions and… (read more...)