Conejo Open Space Challenge 2019

Here’s your chance to explore some of the best trails in the Conejo Open Space that most people are not familiar with! From March 1st through May 31st we are challenging mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners and equestrians of all ages to try out some new trails. See if you can complete all ten trails before your friends do!

Click on the trail name to get a link to the map. The open space area is shown in parentheses behind the trail name. Download this information as a flyer.

  1. Autumn Ridge Trail (Lang Ranch)
  2. Oakbrook Vista Trail (Lang Ranch)
  3. Los Padres Trail (Los Robles)
  4. Rosewood Trail (Los Robles)
  5. Bowfield (North Ranch)
  6. Sapwi Trails (CRPD)
  7. Lynnmere Trail (Wildwood)
  8. El Encanto (Dos Vientos)
  9. Palomino Trail (Ranch Potrero)
  10. Hidden Rim Trail (Conejo Canyons)

March 1 through May 31, 2019

Hike, Run, or Ride (bike or horse) each of these trail segments between 3/1 – 5/31/2019.

Share your photos via Twitter or Instagram with tag @coschallenge. Or email photos or link to gps track to for validation.

Win prizes donated by our awesome sponsors (please give them shout-outs with your photos) by completing all ten segments to be entered into the raffle. Attend post-event party (more info later).

Follow all posted rules and do not hike/ride when trails are muddy or closed. This is not a race.

There is no fee to join this challenge. Please support COSCA by making a tax-deductible donation to the Conejo Open Space Foundation at or by participating in one of COSCA’s many volunteer opportunities. Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency is the agency entrusted with preserving, protecting and managing open space resources in the Conejo Valley, including management and maintenance of the trails featured in this event. For more information about COSCA, visit or

Summary of the 2019 Challenge. There were 190 participants and 120 finishers who completed all 10 segments. We think all the participants are winners because they almost certainly explored some trails they hadn’t been on before!

These photos are of the wrap-up celebration and prize raffle for people who completed the challenge, held June 7, 2019.

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Here are some photos submitted by 2019 participants. This gallery was posted on May 31. Most were emailed in but 12 came via Twitter.

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This gallery was posted on April 29. Most photos were submitted by Twitter, but some were emailed in.

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These photos were added on April 15. They were submitted by email.

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This gallery was of 2019 photos was added on March 24 from Twitter submissions.

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Summary of the 2018 Challenge. There were 171 participants and 64 finishers who completed all 10 segments. This compares to 74 participants (and 25 finishers) in 2017 and 55 (35) in 2016. A few photos submitted by 2018 participants