Trail Building and Restoration

The COSCA system includes more than 170 miles of trails, and we’re helping COSCA make that number larger every year! During the Fall and Spring Trail Work Days, volunteers come out to help build new trails for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes we instead go out to repair trails that were damaged during severe winter weather. Local trail organizations the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council (SMMTC) and the Concerned Off Road Mountain Bicyclists (CORBA) help COSCA Rangers plan the work and oversee the other volunteers. Groups including local businesses have their own volunteer work days as a way to give back to the community.

Starting in the second half of 2023, the COSCA rangers organize monthly trail work days. These are smaller events, but important to help keep up with trail construction and repair.

Our trail building and restoration activities rely on volunteers to help out! If you would like to see more and better trails, we hope you’ll want to pitch in!

Trail Work Coordinator: John Kross ( )

News about trail work events, future and past

Clearing weeds on the Oakbrook Vista Trail for June’s trail work day - This past Saturday, June 15, about 15 volunteered help cut back the weeds on the side of the trail that were severely narrowing it. Mostly the blame lay with invasive mustard, but there was also star thistle, Italian thistle and… (read more...)
The May Trail Work Day: Working to restore the Glider Hill South Trail - An old trail has re-emerged for your enjoyment! You can help ensure the trail remains in place by hiking or riding it. As well as enjoying a piece of history, you will help pack the dirt down and thus slowing… (read more...)
Spring Trail Work Day 2024 Spring Trail Work Day Improves Hill Canyon, Draws Enthusiastic Volunteers - The first. of COSCA's two big trail work days drew over 65 volunteers to Hill Canyon to work on the trails there and battle invasive milk thistle and mustard. The Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council and Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association… (read more...)
Clearing the Eagle Point Trail in Wildwood during the January Trail Work Day - There was a great turnout at today's COSCA monthly trailwork day on the Eagle Point Trail at Wildwood Regional Park! There were about 35 volunteers who worked to cut back brush and smooth this beautiful, hilly trail. If you would… (read more...)
The next trail work day is January 27 in Wildwood Park - Join the COSCA rangers and other enthusiastic volunteers to help fix up the trails in Wildwood Regional Park! If you're looking for for some ways to get exercise and expend some calories after the holiday feasting season, this is your… (read more...)
Cancelled: December 23 is the next Monthly Trail Work Day - Cancelled due to the muddy conditions on the trails. Please stay off the trails until they dry out! Join the COSCA rangers and other enthusiastic volunteers to help fix up the trails in Wildwood Regional Park! If you're looking for… (read more...)
You can score a TeamConejo T-shirt! - The Conejo Open Space Foundation will give you a swank TeamConejo T-shirt when you participate in three COSCA trail work events! We're doing this to recognize and reward our regular volunteers. To get yours, all you need to do is… (read more...)
The great volunteer turnout made for a successful 2023 Fall Trail Work Day on Saturday – Summary and photo gallery - Well over 100 people helped fix up three trails in Wildwood Park on October 21, with 89 volunteers plus COSCA rangers and several members of the Conejo Youth Conservation Corps (CYCC). Participants split into several group and spread out to… (read more...)
NPLD trail work at Rancho Potrero: What a success! - For National Public Lands Day on Sept. 23, about 40 people turned out to help clear weeds and invasive plants from the amphitheater and picnic area. This is where the old Olympia Farms was situated before COSCA created the Ranch… (read more...)
Sept 23, Conejo trail restoration for National public Lands Day! - The second monthly Conejo Open Space trail work day is being held on the morning of Saturday September 23, in honor of National Public Lands Day. The work will be on the trails of Rancho Potrero, clearing weeds that choke… (read more...)