Hiking Preparedness

Hiking Preparedness

Know Your Ability - If you haven't been hiking or exercising regularly, start with very easy hikes - short with little elevation gain.

Water - Bring one or two quarts of water per hiker. Drink plenty of it, especially on hot, sunny days.

Sturdy Shoes - Wear sturdy shoes, preferably lug-soled for better traction. Many trails are steep and uneven.

Sunscreen - Don't forget it. You can even get sunburned on a cloudy day.

Wear a Hat - A large brim hat will keep the sun off your face, ears and the back of your neck.

Insect Repellant - Keep the bugs at bay.

Light Colored Clothing - On warm, sunny days, light colored clothing can make a tremendous difference.

Bring a Friend - It's always safer to hike with a friend or with a group.

Have Fun! - Stop to smell the flowers, and enjoy the view.