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The Conejo Open Space Foundation is dedicated to helping preserve, promote and protect natural open space through community education and involvement. We support these efforts by fundraising and volunteer engagement.

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The Challenge ends May 31! See recent photos from participants (5/28/2024) - More and more people are finishing the 10 trails of the 2024 Conejo Open Space Challenge, submitting photos of the amazing views as they do. The Challenge finishes at the end of this week, so if you're planning to complete it but haven't yet, you better get your feet in gear! Here is a gallery of photos that have been submitted over the past few weeks. If you would like to see some of your photos included in future collections here, please ensure that they are large enough to show the wonderful detail of our open space! With very rare… (read more...)
Our new “Four Seasons” quarterly photo contest starts now! Spring photo: Spider web with dew. (4/30/2024) - Starting in 2024,  we are challenging you with the “Four Seasons” contest! We want to find out how good you are at locating specific kinds of sights in our Open Space. Each season, we’ll post the name of something that you can find in the Conejo Open Space, such as the spider web in the photo below. And that's the object that must be included in the photo for spring: a spider web with dew! We’ll give you a challenge like this at the start of each season. Here are the rules: Every season, we’ll identify a specific item (e.g.,… (read more...)
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Students from Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks Win COSF 2024 Eco Scholarships (5/29/2024) - Two local high school seniors, Simone Scheuble-Isip of Thousand Oaks and Alexandria Paris Williams of Agoura Hills, are the recipients of the fourth annual Conejo Open Space Foundation scholarships. The $1,000 scholarships support students pursuing environmental-studies-related majors at two- or four-year colleges or universities. The scholarships, which provide up to $4,000 per student in total, are determined by a six-person panel.… (read more...)
The May Trail Work Day: Working to restore the Glider Hill South Trail (5/28/2024) - An old trail has re-emerged for your enjoyment! You can help ensure the trail remains in place by hiking or riding it. As well as enjoying a piece of history, you will help pack the dirt down and thus slowing vegetation regrowth. On May 18, about 25 volunteers worked to restore the Glider Hill South Trail that disappeared years ago… (read more...)
Photos from the 2024 Conejo Open Space Challenge (5/5/2024) - Here are some of the hundreds of photos of the Conejo Open Spaces that have been submitted so far from participants of the 2024 Conejo Open Space Challenge. These 48 images come from 20 people who have accepted the Challenge and are working their way through the ten designated trails. If you would like to see some of your photos… (read more...)
Hummingbird expert Dr. Julie Morley explains how you can help these tiny birds—view her recorded webinar presentation here (5/3/2024) - Dr. Julie Morley's talk focused on understanding hummingbirds’ biology and habits so people can cultivate safer and more welcoming habitats for them. (read more...)
The 2024 Conejo Open Space Challenge (5/1/2024) - Here's your chance to explore some of the best trails in the Conejo Open Space that many people are not familiar with! From March 1st through May 31st the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) is challenging mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners and equestrians of all ages to try out some trails that  may be new to them. See if… (read more...)
It’s New Map Monday in Lang Ranch: Woodridge Loop with Longer Options (4/1/2024) - Highlights Four possible routes of varying difficulty: 2.8 miles with 550' of climbing for the Woodbridge Loop alone 4.1 miles with 750' of climbing, starting in Wood Ranch 4.4 miles with 750' of climbing, starting on Westlake Blvd. 6.7 miles with 1300' of climbing, starting on Erbes Rd. The Woodridge Loop is a short easy hike that circumnavigates the gated… (read more...)
It’s New Map Monday in Oakbrook/Lang Ranch: Sandstone Hills Trail (3/25/2024) - Highlights The rocky scenery is beautiful as the trail cuts across the towering and rugged south flank of Simi Peak and the Simi Hills View deposits from the Middle Miocene period (14 million years ago) and Upper Cretaceous period (100 million to 66 million years ago when the dinosaurs went extinct) in the cliffs above the trail Experience a sea… (read more...)
Spring Trail Work Day 2024 Spring Trail Work Day Improves Hill Canyon, Draws Enthusiastic Volunteers (3/21/2024) - The first. of COSCA's two big trail work days drew over 65 volunteers to Hill Canyon to work on the trails there and battle invasive milk thistle and mustard. The Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council and Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association (CORBA) provided crew leaders, while Safe Passage Youth Foundation joined in with a group of. teen trail workers. The day… (read more...)

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