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Preserve, Promote, and Protect the Open Space The Conejo Open Space Foundation (COSF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed in 1995 to promote, support and help maintain the open space and trail system of the Conejo Valley, and to educate visitors as to their roles as custodians and protectors of the open space and the environment. We support and help fund ongoing programs sponsored by the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA). We are funded through individual, business, and corporate donations and grants. Funds received by COSF are highly leveraged through the extensive use of unpaid community volunteers and other in-kind donations.

Educate We volunteer to protect and preserve our precious open space. One great way to do this is by educating the youth of our community. Interested in working with Conejo Valley fourth graders? Join us at our next Trails Education Days.

Fund Raise The Conejo Open Space Foundation raises funds for many outdoor projects, such as the bridge crossing in Hill Canyon, Bike Bells, and Trails Education Days. Support our efforts by making a donation on our Giving page.

Volunteer The Conejo open space wouldn’t be the same without the hundreds of people who give their time and energy. The COSCA volunteer corps offers many ways to stay involved in the open space. Join us and make a difference today!


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Prize Giveaway for Conejo Open Space Challenge finishers on Friday June 2 (5/31/2023) - A celebration and prize giveaway for the people who completed the 2023 Conejo Open Space Challenge  will be held on Friday June 2 at the Lakeside Area of Conejo Creek North at 6 pm. Here's a link to the location in Google Maps. Don't miss your chance to celebrate your hiking, riding or running ten outstanding trails in the Conejo Valley since The Challenge started on March 1! Even if you didn't finish all the challenges, come on out and join the fun! (read more...)
Only 2 days left to complete the 2023 Open Space Challenge! (5/29/2023) - The Conejo Open Space Challenge ends on May 31 - if you haven't finished it yet, it's time to get serious! Here is the latest gallery of photos submitted by the participants. This time there are 48 photos. There are still lots of flowers blooming, and the weather looks decidedly cool. But people are still beaming and having a great time! If you've finished the challenge, make sure to attend the completion ceremony on June 2. You could score some grand swag! (read more...)
It’s New Map Monday in Lang Ranch: Moderate Lang Ranch Loop (5/23/2023) - Highlights Moderate hike of 4 miles Good for conditioning because the Alapay and Meadow Vista Trails are quite steep Good views of Simi Valley and Lang Ranch Open Space Alapay Trail is one of the segments of the 2023 Conejo Open Space Challenge (; colored green on the map) Description This is not a very long hike, but both Alapay and Meadow Vista Trails are pretty steep, so this loop will give you a good workout whichever direction you take the loop. Please tread and speak quietly at and near the trailhead so as not to disturb the nearby residents.… (read more...)
A gallery of 36 more Open Space Challenge photos before it ends in a few days (5/20/2023) - If you haven't completed The Challenge yet, you have less than 2 weeks before it ends on May 31. If you want to be eligible for some prizes at the June 2 completion celebration, you better get hopping! This is the fifth gallery of photos from Challenge participants. The number of photos to display is decreasing as more and more people are finishing and so have no more to submit. Remember, the completion celebration, with lots of prizes for the people who have finished, will be held June 2 at 6 pm. More details will be available soon. (read more...)
May 31 is the last day of the Conejo Open Space Challenge! (5/18/2023) - Now that the trails have (mostly) dried up after this winter's rains, now is a good time to get out and finish The Challenge! The last day is Wednesday May 31, just over two weeks from now. The wildflowers next to the trails and on the hillsides are spectacular this year thanks to the rain. There's an amazing growth of bright pink Owl's Clover next to the Alapay Trail, for one example. Here's the fourth gallery of photos from Challenge participants. You may notice that some trails are getting a little overgrown with mustard and other weeds. That's not enough… (read more...)
Lynne Connell Henderson is Our April ‘You in the Conejo’ Winner! (5/1/2023) - April's “You in the Conejo” winner is Lynne Connell Henderson, whose selfie featured her with friends on a Wildwood Regional Park trail bridge (at right). “A trail bridge” was the challenge subject for April. You can check out other entries on Facebook and Instagram at the hashtag #youintheconejo. We don't have an official "runner-up" category, but we also loved. our board member Steve Johnson's entry (below) featuring what he says is the open space's smallest bridge—and we believe him! It's near the bottom of. the Powerline Trail.   And if you’re new to this, here’s a recap of the “You in… (read more...)

Photos from Conejo Open Space Challenge participants – the things they saw! (4/15/2023) - Here's the second gallery of photos from people hiking and riding our local trails to complete the Conejo Open Space Challenge. There are 60 photos in this gallery. The vast majority of them are being submitted by email to… (read more...)
Susan Baukus is Our March ‘You in the Conejo’ Winner! (4/4/2023) - March's “You in the Conejo” winner is Susan Baukus, whose selfie featured her with her dog Cassie (at right), enjoying a day unmarred by rain. “A trail bench” was the challenge subject for March. You can check out other entries on… (read more...)
Conejo Open Space Challenge photo gallery – First of many? (3/18/2023) - This is the first gallery of photos that were submitted by participants of the 2023 Conejo Open Space Challenge. They were all emailed to When traveling the trails, please keep the weather forecast in mind and stay home when… (read more...)
It’s New Map Monday in Los Robles East: White Horse Canyon, Los Robles and Brookview Trails Loop (3/6/2023) - Highlights 95% wide dirt roads Some good views of the Los Robles trail system, Thousand Oaks, lakes, and mountains White Horse Canyon Trail may be too steep for mountain bikers to enjoy climbing White Horse Canyon Trail is a of… (read more...)
Christine Elowitt is Our February “You in the Conejo” Winner! (3/1/2023) - February's "You in the Conejo" winner is Christine Elowitt, whose selfie featured her at what is arguably the most famous water attraction in all of COSCA property: Paradise Falls at Wildwood Regional Park. "Running water" was the challenge subject for… (read more...)
The 2023 Conejo Open Space Challenge starts March 1! (2/3/2023) - Here's your chance to explore some of the best trails in the Conejo Open Space that many people are not familiar with! From March 1st through May 31st the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) is challenging mountain bikers, hikers,… (read more...)