Our accomplishments towards preserving and promoting Conejo Open Space

Our mission is to promote and maintain the open space and trails of the Conejo Valley, and to educate people as to their roles as custodians and protectors of the open spaces and the environment. Towards that end, we collect funds from generous like-minded folks and help recruit volunteers. We are proud of our accomplishments, some of which are listed here.

To help us continue to improve the Conejo open space areas for everyone to enjoy, please consider making a charitable donation or volunteering some of your time to help. We give a hearty Thank-You to those who contribute towards making the Conejo Valley open spaces such wonderful places to visit!

Some of our accomplishments (View them all.)

Clearing weeds on the Oakbrook Vista Trail for June’s trail work day (6/17/2024) - This past Saturday, June 15, about 15 volunteered help cut back the weeds on the side of the trail that were severely narrowing it. Mostly the blame lay with invasive mustard, but there was also star thistle, Italian thistle and an assortment of other invasive or native species to clear. The group made great headway and had cleared the designation… (read more...)
The 2024 Trails Education Days writing contest winners; the 2025 event will be April 26 – May 1 (6/16/2024) - The 2024 Trails Education Days provided lessons on open space for 1,053 Conejo 4th grade students from all 17 CVUSD elementary schools. Sincere Thanks The Conejo Open Space Foundation extends a hearty THANK YOU to these Trails Education Days sponsors, supporters, staff & volunteers: Emmett R Quady Foundation Conejo Group Sierra Club Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency Conejo Recreation and… (read more...)
Students from Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks Win COSF 2024 Eco Scholarships (5/29/2024) - Two local high school seniors, Simone Scheuble-Isip of Thousand Oaks and Alexandria Paris Williams of Agoura Hills, are the recipients of the fourth annual Conejo Open Space Foundation scholarships. The $1,000 scholarships support students pursuing environmental-studies-related majors at two- or four-year colleges or universities. The scholarships, which provide up to $4,000 per student in total, are determined by a six-person panel.… (read more...)
The May Trail Work Day: Working to restore the Glider Hill South Trail (5/28/2024) - An old trail has re-emerged for your enjoyment! You can help ensure the trail remains in place by hiking or riding it. As well as enjoying a piece of history, you will help pack the dirt down and thus slowing vegetation regrowth. On May 18, about 25 volunteers worked to restore the Glider Hill South Trail that disappeared years ago… (read more...)
Hummingbird expert Dr. Julie Morley explains how you can help these tiny birds—view her recorded webinar presentation here (5/3/2024) - Dr. Julie Morley's talk focused on understanding hummingbirds’ biology and habits so people can cultivate safer and more welcoming habitats for them. (read more...)
Spring Trail Work Day 2024 Spring Trail Work Day Improves Hill Canyon, Draws Enthusiastic Volunteers (3/21/2024) - The first. of COSCA's two big trail work days drew over 65 volunteers to Hill Canyon to work on the trails there and battle invasive milk thistle and mustard. The Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council and Concerned Off-Road Bicyclists Association (CORBA) provided crew leaders, while Safe Passage Youth Foundation joined in with a group of. teen trail workers. The day… (read more...)
Clearing the Eagle Point Trail in Wildwood during the January Trail Work Day (1/27/2024) - There was a great turnout at today's COSCA monthly trailwork day on the Eagle Point Trail at Wildwood Regional Park! There were about 35 volunteers who worked to cut back brush and smooth this beautiful, hilly trail. If you would like to be notified about upcoming trailwork, please sign up at our website. And if you took part in today's… (read more...)
Landscape Expert Shares Guidelines for Gardening with Natives—and Why. See the Recording Here (12/12/2023) - Erik Oberg, owner of native-plant landscape design company Acorn Design Studios and chair of the Conejo Valley Audubon Society's Conservation Committee, gave a talk in December 2023 about native plant gardening to a group of COSF open space enthusiasts. He walked the audience through his "Top 10 Reasons to Go Native," as well as reviewing his 10 favorite landscape plants that will… (read more...)
The great volunteer turnout made for a successful 2023 Fall Trail Work Day on Saturday – Summary and photo gallery (10/23/2023) - Well over 100 people helped fix up three trails in Wildwood Park on October 21, with 89 volunteers plus COSCA rangers and several members of the Conejo Youth Conservation Corps (CYCC). Participants split into several group and spread out to fix ruts, cut back encroaching vegetation, including cactus, clean out old drains and even build some new drains! Three groups… (read more...)
An animal handler holds a large Eurasian eagle-owl. Native Plantpalooza & Eco Fest Stages a Successful Return October 7; See the gallery of photos! (10/11/2023) - Last year, COSF launched a live event as part of its popular Speaker Series: Native Plantpalooza & Eco Fest. This year Native Plantpalooza returned to Conejo Creek North Park on Saturday, October 7, an unusually warm day. Nonetheless, the free event, which featured beekeepers, butterfly experts, climate activists and other exhibitors with a commitment to the environment, drew a crowd… (read more...)