The Adopt-A-Trail program is part of the COSCA (Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency) Volunteer Corps. This program is designed to encourage local participation in the on-going maintenance of public trails and related improvements through the “adoption” of specific trails, or portions thereof, by an individual, group or organization (Sponsors).

Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator: John Kross

Sponsors agree to be responsible for the maintenance of a trail or a trail segment located within the Conejo Open Space system. The work on the adopted trail or trail segment may be performed directly by the adopting Sponsors or funds may be donated specifically for this purpose.

The program requires an orientation/safety session and a minimum one-year commitment to get started. All sponsors and volunteers will be recognized for their contributions at an annual volunteer recognition event. Additional recognition may be provided according to COSCA’s Gift Policy.

Groups or persons interested in adopting a trail should contact the Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator.