The Adopt-A-Trail program is part of the COSCA (Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency) Volunteer Corps. This program is designed to encourage local participation in the on-going maintenance of public trails and related improvements through the “adoption” of specific trails, or portions thereof, by an individual, group or organization (Sponsors).

Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator: John Noble

Sponsors agree to periodically hike or ride a trail or a trail segment located within the Conejo Open Space system and report their observations using the Adopt-A-Trail report form. As a result of observing the trail, sponsors are expected to

  • Pick up any small amounts of litter they find
  • Note the location of any graffiti
  • Note any hazardous conditions or safety issues such as trees fallen across the trail or dirt slides or ruts as a result of erosion
  • Note any signs of a homeless encampment
  • Note any signs of motorized vehicle use, excluding electric-assist bikes
  • Note any signs of recent fires or partying
  • Report their finding using the Adopt-A-Trail report form, including the most common situation that there are no problems on the trail
  • If a situation is urgent, report it to the COSCA Rangers by phone as soon as is practical.

The program requires an orientation/safety session and a minimum one-year commitment to get started. All sponsors and volunteers will be recognized for their contributions at an annual volunteer recognition event.

Groups or persons interested in adopting a trail should contact the Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator, .

Find a yet-to-be adopted trail near your house and help take care of it! The trails that are still available to be adopted, as of April 2023, are shown on the following map as yellow, pink or green overlays. A more up-to-date list is shown below the map. Hover your mouse over the trails on the map to see their names. Currently adopted trails are thin red lines. The black rectangles show where there are downloadable maps. A list of trails ready for adoption follows the map.

List of trails available for adopting, as of September 2023

  • Bobcat
  • Dapple Gray
  • Lakeview Canyon
  • Olsen Channel
  • Peppertree Vista
  • Roadside
  • Roadside Path
  • Volcanic