Strenuous Hike Arroyo Conejo – Lynnmere Loop

Strenuous Hike Arroyo Conejo – Lynnmere Loop

Moderately strenuous 7 mile loop, with a total elevation gain/loss about 1300 ft. A pleasant trail follows Arroyo Conejo from the Rancho Conejo Playfields in Newbury Park, to the Lynnmere loop trail above Wildwood Park. Nice views of the Barranca, Hill Canyon, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, and Wildwood Park.

How to get there: From 101 Freeway, drive 1/4 mile north on Ventu Park Rd. Turn right into the parking lot at the Rancho Conejo Playfields.

Map of This Hike

Detailed Hike Description & Photos:

The trailhead is at the east end of the parking lot. At the kiosk, where the trail splits, bear to the left.
The trail gradually descends for about the first mile and a half as it parallels the creek, which is below to the right. The street (above, to the left) is visible from time to time at the beginning of the hike, but soon becomes distant and not evident.
There is a creek crossing with large stones placed in the water to make a “dry crossing” easy.
Once across the creek, the trail ascends toward the Lynnmere Trail.
This begins the “loop” portion of the hike. The loop can be hiked in either direction – for a counterclockwise loop, follow the trail to the right.
Heading east, the Lynnmere housing development is seen below to the left, with Wildwood Park beyond.
As the trail leads upward, an American flag used to mark the high-point of this hike. However, the flag is no longer there.
The trail crosses a residential street, then immediately continues on the other side, heading north.
Now, winding toward the west, the open space of Wildwood Park dominates the view.
This photo shows some of Wildwood’s great network of trails as seen from Lynnmere Trail.
There are many “ups and downs” on the Lynnmere loop trail. A few brief stretches are a bit rocky, but not difficult.
Now headed south and nearing the completion of the loop portion of the hike, there is a somewhat steep descent.
The remainder of the route retraces the path taken earlier. The trail leads back toward the water crossing, then follows the creek back to the Rancho Conejo Playfields parking lot.