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A message from the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency:

Make everyone’s safety a priority

1. Think First of staying home and avoiding others. We are in a health emergency rather than a holiday, and this is about saving lives.

2. Walk Instead. Before planning a hike that requires a car, look for the trails in your neighborhoods and walk to them.

3. Avoid the Popular Spots. Please avoid the most popular trails and trailheads like Wildwood Park, the Hill Canyon Trailhead, and Los Robles Trailhead. These will be the areas that will determine the fate of all open space areas.

4. Pack It In, Pack It Out. Increased crowds have created an unusual amount of litter. Please take everything you bring back with you. All our staffing is allocated to safety at this time and we can’t divert staff to litter.

5. Report Vandalism. There has been an increase of minor vandalism in the open space and adjacent neighborhood streets. Please respect our out space, and encourage others to do so as well.

6. Spread the Word. Please share this post with everyone that you can. We can only achieve our goals if large numbers of people get this message and comply.

We have a very short time to show that we, as a trail community, can respect public health orders. Lives are on the line and open space areas will close if we are not able to achieve compliance.

This has been a message from the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency.

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