Milkweed and the beautiful Monarch Butterflies are inextricably linked but endangered

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This is the time of year we can spot the monarch butterflies migrating to their winter homes and also a good time to learn more about why the narrow leaf milkweed is the most important plant for monarchs. We often see milkweed in sunny areas near our trails, but do you know how it gets its name? Did you know that monarchs derive a toxic chemical from milkweed that protects them? The monarch population is estimated to have dropped by 97%. What can we do to protect them? Learn more about monarch butterflies and milkweed on Laura Pasetta’s beautiful and informative video in our continuing series at

About Laura Pasetta

Laura Pasetta is a certified naturalist and chaparral guide; she also is trained in therapeutic herbal medicine. Her teachings cover ecosystems, ethnobotany, medicinal plants, and native plant landscaping. Her passion, years of outdoor experience and desire to share the wonders of our Southern California open spaces are all evident in the wonderful videos she’s sharing.


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