It’s New Map Monday in Lang Ranch: Moderate Lang Ranch Loop

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  • Moderate hike of 4 miles
  • Good for conditioning because the Alapay and Meadow Vista Trails are quite steep
  • Good views of Simi Valley and Lang Ranch Open Space
  • Alapay Trail is one of the segments of the 2023 Conejo Open Space Challenge (; colored green on the map)


This is not a very long hike, but both Alapay and Meadow Vista Trails are pretty steep, so this loop will give you a good workout whichever direction you take the loop.

Please tread and speak quietly at and near the trailhead so as not to disturb the nearby residents.

Key Statistics

Distance: 4 miles
Cumulative Climbing and Descent: About 750’
Popularity: These trails are quite popular so you are likely to see other people on this route.
Parking: Free on Lang Ranch Parkway

For all the details including an elevation profile and photos, download the printable full PDF guide.

For complete details on this trail guide and other new ones, go to


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