The May Trail Work Day: Working to restore the Glider Hill South Trail

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An old trail has re-emerged for your enjoyment! You can help ensure the trail remains in place by hiking or riding it. As well as enjoying a piece of history, you will help pack the dirt down and thus slowing vegetation regrowth.

On May 18, about 25 volunteers worked to restore the Glider Hill South Trail that disappeared years ago under rapidly growing vegetation. A few days previously as a fire prevention measure, the neighboring homeowners had plowed down most of the grass and chaparral of the meadow through which the trail used to run, then the COSCA rangers mowed the old trail bed and flagged it. It was up to the volunteers to clean it up by using hand tools to remove all the remaining brush, most of which consisted of grass that was determined to stay rooted. When the bare dirt was exposed, they then dug into the hillside to reduce the slope across the trail. The volunteers were so exuberant that the work was completed well before the scheduled time of noon. They had restored about 2/3 of the 400-yard-long trail.

Here are a few photos from the event.


Five volunteers logged their work towards getting a free TeamConejo Volunteer shirt from COSF after participating in three trail work events.


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