All about Black Elderberry Plants – a video

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Have you seen elderberry bushes with their purple fruit along the trails? Have you wondered if it’s ever been used as an herbal remedy? As a musical instrument? The Conejo Open Space Foundation is delighted to announce our collaboration with noted local naturalist, Laura Pasatta, for a series of videos on plant life in the Conejo Valley. Learn about identifying some of our common native plants, their locations, uses, and even tips on native plant gardening, starting with the elderberry at Laura will be posting a new video monthly linked from the COSF website.

About Laura Pasetta

Laura Pasetta is a certified naturalist and chaparral guide; she also is trained in therapeutic herbal medicine. Her teachings cover ecosystems, ethnobotany, medicinal plants, and native plant landscaping. Her passion, years of outdoor experience and desire to share the wonders of our Southern California open spaces are all evident in the wonderful videos she’s sharing.


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