Beautiful, aromatic white sage is now endangered with its trendy use in burning smudge sticks

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White sage is considered sacred and still used by indigenous peoples for medical and ceremonial purposes, but did you know it’s now becoming endangered? While hiking along a local trail, it’s likely we’ve stopped and enjoyed the wonderful aroma of white sage that’s common on sunny hillsides and in chaparral from Santa Barbara to Baja. See why this beautiful plant has been illegally harvested and how it can be easily grown in home gardens in Laura Pasetta’s new video.

COSF is delighted to be collaborating with local naturalist Laura Pasatta for a series of videos on plant life in the Conejo Valley. Learn about identifying some of our common native plants, where they grow, their uses, and even tips on native plant gardening. This month’s video is on white sage and can be viewed at Laura will be posting a new video monthly linked from the COSF website.

About Laura Pasetta

Laura Pasetta is a certified naturalist and chaparral guide; she also is trained in therapeutic herbal medicine. Her teachings cover ecosystems, ethnobotany, medicinal plants, and native plant landscaping. Her passion, years of outdoor experience and desire to share the wonders of our Southern California open spaces are all evident in the wonderful videos she’s sharing.


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