COSCA Announces a Trail Reroute on the Popular Los Robles Trail

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The Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) will open a new trail re-route on a portion of the Los Robles Trail within the next week. Final work is being completed to open the new trail and close the section of the old trail that will no longer be used. See the map at the right.

The trail reroute is one of the conservation outcomes of a generous contribution of property to COSCA by the Rasnow Family. Their donation of 82 acres within the Southern Ridge Open Space protects this land from development and preserves its habitat and recreational value in perpetuity. We are excited to offer this improved route to our many visitors.

Protecting this this vital open space and improving the public trail alignment is the outcome of years of discussions and commitments by all parties to the donation. COSCA appreciates the Rasnow family for their donation and COSCA’s Ad Hoc Committee for this project, Mayor Claudia Bill de la Peña and COSCA Board Chair Rorie Skei, for their leadership.

The new trail section will be open by May 14th. It is important for visitors to stay on the new trail as the old trail route will be closed. The new trail will also cross the Ventu Park Fire Road at a new location. This road is private, and we ask visitors to remain on the trail and not trespass on private property. Being courteous toward our neighbors helps our trails become a positive part of the neighborhood.

Building trails through heavy brush is always a challenge. COSCA’s Rangers spent many weeks crawling through brush to route and flag the trail. After waiting out the bird nesting season, Rangers spent months on construction with the help of The C.R.E.W., a trail crew based in Ojai, members of Conejo Open Space Action Committee, and other volunteers. The trail has already been visited by wildlife including coyotes, foxes, deer and many species of birds.


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