COSF produces a video of the Trails Education Days workshop on Our Animal Neighbors

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To help the Conejo Valley Unified School District Grade 4 students get a full appreciation for open space and why it is so important, we are expanding and updating the videos we have made to aid their learning. The latest video, "Trails Education Days Native Animals Workshop," was released in early May 2021. A year earlier we released the video "Virtual Trails Education Days Nature Hike."

The Trails Education Days field trips were cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two videos will give CVUSD 4th grade students a taste of the field trip they would have experienced in a normal year. Additionally, the videos will be useful in future years for students who miss the field trips.

Both videos are available on our Trails Education Days Videos web page. These supplement a 2008 video that the students watch in class before their field trips.

Animal Actors of Hollywood has introduced CVUSD students to native animals during Trails Education Days every year since the mid-1990s. This year the company worked with COSF to produce a video in lieu of their live presentations. The 4th graders will get to meet and learn about five animals native to the Conejo Valley and two that are not.

In addition to this video for CVUSD students, we have released another version for all Ventura County schools to use as they like.

We are indebted to the people and organizations who have helped us make this video. If they hadn't volunteered their time, or given us a discounted rate, this video could not have been made:

  • Animal Actors of Hollywood and their staff Denise Sanders, Veronica Jamerson, Cheryl Shawyer and Felix Zuniga
  • "Tracker Rob" Remedi
  • David Grannis, Associate Professor and Director of the Film and Television Program at California Lutheran University, who produced, directed, filmed and edited the video
  • Ian Robertson of Halfway Bridge
  • Elayne Haggan, Executive Producer for the Conejo Open Space Foundation
  • Sal Perera


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