Darryl Levi is the winner of our October ‘Where in the Conejo’ contest

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Chaparral yucca on Bowfield

This chaparral yucca was a survivor of the Woolsey Fire.

October’s “Where in the Conejo” contest photo featured a charred chaparral yucca seen along the Bowfield Trail post-Woolsey Fire. Of the correct entrants, Darryl Levi was selected at random as the winner of a $25 gift certificate. Congratulations, Darryl, and thanks to all who entered!

Most of you recognized the burned, but living, remains of the native yucca (Hesperoyucca whipplei). With all its side leaves incinerated, it resembles a pineapple and people sometimes call these remains a “fire pineapple.”

Also known as our Lord’s Candle for its spectacular white bloom stalks, this agave family member is common throughout the Conejo Valley in chaparral, coastal sage scrub, and oak woodland habitats. It is pollinated by the native yucca moth and the plant dies after it flowers and forms seeds. 


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