It’s New Map Monday in Conejo Canyons: Long Loop with Lichen, Lizard Rock and Hawk Canyon Trails

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  • This 11.2 mile long route shows off the best of Conejo Canyons Open Space
  • A great workout – it drops into the canyons and climbs out again three times
    Cross the newest bridge in Hill Canyon, expected to be completed in late winter 2024
  • Three trails, Hawk Canyon, Lichen and Lizard Rock (colored green on the map below), are included in the 2024 Conejo Open Space Challenge
  • Not recommended for inexperienced mountain bikers. There are steep climbs, some of them with loose rolling rocks on the surface
  • Warning: The Canyon Overlook Trail is expected to be closed for several weeks in the spring of 2024. Before embarking on this route, check COSCA’s trail closures web page.

Description This is a strenuous hike through Conejo Canyons and the west end of Wildwood Park that includes some of the most interesting and beautiful trails in the Conejo Valley! You’ll pass along a lovely oak forest in Hawk Canyon, rolling grasslands on the Plateau Rim Trail in the Western Plateau, rocky volcanic landscape along Lichen Trail, and much more.

Key Statistics

Distance: 11.2 miles
Cumulative Climbing and Descent: 2550’
Popularity: The sections within 2-3 miles of the trailheads are very popular, especially the Hill Canyon Fire Road in Hill Canyon where it runs alongside Arroyo Conejo.
Parking: Free at the dirt lot on Conejo Center Drive and in Hill Canyon.

For all the details including an elevation profile and photos, download the printable full PDF guide.

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