The February 28 Where in the Conejo Contest photo was of the Los Robles East Trail, next to the Lily Tomlin table

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Congratulations to Cindy Wagner of Thousand Oaks who provided the correct answer and was selected as the winner. Thanks to all who responded!

This section of the Los Robles (East) Trail has the unofficial name of the Lily Tomlin Trail. It gets the name from the character she played, Edith Ann, on the comedy show “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in”. The show ran in the 1960s. As Edith Ann, she sat on a giant rocking chair so she would appear as a small child. The giant picnic table with oversized legs brings to mind that sketch.

The Los Robles trail runs for 10.3 miles from Potrero Road in Newbury Park to Foothill Drive in Westlake. The eastern half is all Edison Road with the exception of the half-mile Lily Tomlin Trail, a singletrack trail.

The full Los Robles Trail traverses several open space areas. You can learn more about it, download a trail map, and find hiking route suggestions on our Los Robles page.

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