The March 13 Where in the Conejo Contest photo was of the bike park in Sapwi Trails Community Park

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Congratulations to Steve Bacharach of Thousand Oaks who provided the correct answer and was selected as the winner. Thanks to all who responded!

What is now the Sapwi Trails Community Park was originally planned to be a sports park with baseball diamonds and soccer fields. However, the site is part of an ancient landslide and the cost of stabilizing it would have been cost-prohibitive. Instead, we have a mostly natural open-space area with multi-use trails, a bike park, a remote-control glider plane port and a disc golf course. When using the trails, watch for brightly colored flying objects! The park was opened in September 2018.

A map of the bike park is shown above (click on it to get a larger version). For more information on the bike park, visit the Sapwi Trails Bike Park website. For more information on the Community Park itself, visit the Sapwi Trails Community Park website.


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