COSF produces a new video for Trails Education Days

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COSF has produced an new high-definition video that Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) fourth grade students watch to get valuable preparation and background information for Trails Education Days. The video that has been in use since 2008 has been retired. The new video takes advantage of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to engage and entertain the students.

Professor David Grannis, California Lutheran University (CLU) Film & Television Department Chair, filmed the presentations at the Chumash Indian Museum, and CLU Senior Zachary Hessemer edited, adding supporting photos, video, effects, credits and music.

Topics include the natural open space areas that surround us, ecology and the natural food chain, indigenous apex predators, Native American nature traditions, and preparation for a safe day in Wildwood Park.

Presenters include COSCA Chair Rorie Skei, CRPD Park Superintendent Matt Kouba, COSCA rangers Kory Prindle, Bruce Pace, Ryan Stead and Nick Ferrari, National Park Service Ecologist Seth Riley, Native American Alan Salazar, and Chumash Indian Museum representative Kagen Holland. COSF director and Trails Education Days Coordinator Elayne Haggan oversaw the process.

COSF thanks all who took part in this project for their contributions. We especially appreciate Zachary Hessemer for his time, effort and talent.

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